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At Audiology of Tulsa, one of our goals is to inform our patients of all the possible hearing solutions and advancements in technology that are available on the market. We have many services to offer you or your loved one, whether you need a hearing test, purchasing batteries or syncing you hearing device to a mobile phone. We are here to service your hearing needs!

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Earwax Removal

It is common that the reason you are unable to hear from your hearing aids is due to too much earwax buildup. Not only are we able to clean the hearing aids, but expert cerumen (earwax) removal is performed in our offices by our audiologists. We have all the tools necessary in office to ensure the wax is removed safely. It is recommended not to use Q-tips or bobby pins at home, as it is unsafe and can potentially damage the ear canal or ear drum. Our audiologists are clinically trained to safely remove the wax. Call today to schedule a time with an audiologist if you feel you need cerumen removal.

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