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What is earwax?

By Audiology of Tulsa • 25 Jan, 2018

Did you know that you have a natural bug repellent in your body? It's true! It's in your ears, and is called cerumen (or earwax). The smell of earwax keeps bugs away, as well as acting as an antifungal and antibacterial coating for the ear. It also prevents itchy ears, as it acts as a moisturizer for the ear canal.
Some people try to remove ear wax themselves, which is dangerous. The ears are self-cleaning; earwax slowly migrates out of the ear until it reaches the outer part of the ear canal, where it can be easily cleaned with a damp washcloth. In some people, earwax builds up and needs to be removed. This should only be done by a healthcare professional. This would be either an audiologist, primary care physician, or ENT (ear, nose and throat) physician. 
Q-TIPS AND EAR CANDLES ARE VERY DANGEROUS. Many people attempt to clean their ears with Q-tips or ear candles and damage their ears (and consequently, their hearing) by accident. If you have a concern about earwax buildup, consult a healthcare professional and allow them to remove it for you.
We wanted to put a bug in your ear (not literally). Earwax is your friend! It keeps bugs away, it isn't safe to remove it on your own, and there are healthcare professionals who are able to help.
If you think you have too much wax buildup, call us to schedule an appointment for cerumen removal.
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