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TSHA - Get involved with Tulsa community of hard of hearing

By • 7 Nov, 2018

TSHA, or Total Source Hearing-Loss and Access, is a great resource for those with hearing loss in the Tulsa area. Whether you need an interpreter, want to take sign language classes, or want to be involved in the community, this is the place to start!
It is easy to request an interpreter through TSHA. Just fill out the form on their website and click submit. They will help you find the right interpreter for your needs.
TSHA also offers sign language classes. There is a variety of classes to take: Tulsa Sign 1, Tulsa Sign 2, Religious Signs, and Happy Hands 1. If you live in the Jenks area, they have classes available on the high school campus. The sign book is only $20.00, and classes range from $60.00 to $100.00. Enroll for their classes here!
There are many ways to volunteer and get involved with TSHA. Tulsa Hearing Helpers is a support group for those experiencing new hearing loss. They invite motivational speakers to speak at the meetings, and captioning is available. The meetings are open to all ages.
For teens, they have Deaf Teen Club, where all of their events are free and educational. Cooking, go karts, and learning to drive are just some of the activities. For any teenager feeling isolated from their hearing peers, Deaf Teen Club is a great way for them to meet others just like them.
If you shop at Amazon Smile, they will make a donation to TSHA! Go to, and they will donate 0.5% of your purchase. Just be sure to mention TSHA at checkout.
This is just a handful of what TSHA can offer. Have you thought about learning sign language? Or meeting new people that are experience hearing loss as well? Call or email their office and see how you can get involved today!
Total Source Hearing-Loss and Access
8740 E. 11th St.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112
P: 918.832.8742 v/tty
Toll-Free: 888.311.3523 v/tty
F: 918.834.4329
24/7 Interpreter Service Emergencies: 888.311.3523 (voice only)
Please call Audiology of Tulsa or TSHA with any questions or comments.
P: 918-745-9052
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